Hi Maren-
Thank you so much again for your time and knowledge! I have noticed some strength improvement with my back and I ran this morning for the first time in little over a week and I noticed the pain in my legs was gone! I still feel it when I move certain ways, but the modifications for yoga really help!  And I love the ab work!! I do the roller 3 times a day-and I have noticed some of my spots are improving! So can you tell I’m thrilled? I even rolled before I ran (wasn’t sure I’d do that!). I saw Michelle on Wed or Thurs and my words to her were “thank you thank you thank you”- for sending me to you-I’ve already told two other back sufferers about you! Thanks again and I will check in with you in the next couple of weeks (I’m wondering how long do you think till maybe the pain will go away?) I know-be patient!
2 weeks later:
I am happy to report I’ve seen real improvement I have also gotten a lot of strength back- I can tell in my yoga poses. Thank you so much again! I can’t tell you how great this is after months of just saying-oh it’s not that bad it will go away! I can also stand and sit for periods of time and not have my back ache (could never do that before)!
Thank you! Thank you!
4 weeks later:
Thanks again for all your help – I was really beginning to think it was something I would just have to live with – but I know better now, thanks to you!

I don’t have to live with pain…